Oh, Hello!

My name is Derek. I am a designer, illustrator & occasional irector.


Succeeding on the web
is more than developing a website;
it’s about understanding our customers needs.


Inclusion of video backgrounds is helping
us engage our visitors. We are taking
a storytelling approach to
displaying our portfolio pieces.


We generate creative processes
through which goods and services
move from concept to the customer.


Our unique products make the difference
in the market and that is what attracts
and retains our customers.
Branding is what we are.

My Projects


01. Research
Competitors to selling points
Information used to identify and define marketing opportunities; generate ideas and improve our products.
02. Idea
Generating the best Idea
The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.
03. Design
That justifies the Idae
Lot of research, design education and various projects under our belt help us to make the best decisions.
04. Deliver
Meeting the Deadlines
Being able to meet our deadlines and deliver on what we have promised is a integral part of our job.

What our Clients Say

“My consultant truly brought value by advising me throughout regarding
market conditions and trends. I was impressed with the level of
candidates I saw and the timeliness was excellent.”

Finance Director

“Hawa has a no hassle approach,
an in-depth understanding of my company and our needs,
as well as always bringing me the right kind of candidates“

Future Operations Manager

Market Research Consultancy
"When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion. That describes the best Hawa Team. We’ve been very happy with professional and prompt design services done for our company."


Recording Studio
"I wanted to thank you for your speedy work. I am one of those types of people who want everything now, and you were still able to work with me. Hawa really gets it."


Maintenance Company
“I had a fantastic experience working with Hawa throughout the process of designing my business logo. I was so taken aback at how many concepts they came up with and how patient they were with me throughout it all.


Financial Group

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