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Sarcastic Saturday – Your Headshot: Really?

Standart Post with Picture Sample. “I know I’ve written about this before, but this past week I was on more websites than usual and I was blown away by what many of you consider acceptable for your headshot on your about page. Think about it for just a second. You’re telling people you’re a professional...

How Drones Are Being Used to Help Stop Poaching

Standard Post with Slider. Tsavo, a region in Kenya, contains the world’s largest elephant population, and thus, it is a prime target both for poachers and conservationists. Nonetheless, policing the 8,150-square-mile area is a daunting task. With some clever math and the help of drones, though, Penn State University researchers are helping to make that task...

Six Flashes in the Rain by Joe McNally

Standard Post with Video. “To quote a time honored phrase from old school Nat Geo coverages, “It was raining when we arrived.” And it continued, and it got heavier, and the day got more bleak, and I got wetter and wetter, and the cold got inside of me, sapping my spirit, numbing my bones and...